Summer Event Guide

Welcome to the SHIFT | Colorado Summer event Guide!

Wintertime was rough this year, especially for the Colorado car enthusiast. Short, bitterly cold and overcast days permeated our November and December, and snowy unpleasant weather stretched all the way into April. While we found a lot of ways to stay entertained over the winter (as presented in our third issue of SHIFT Colorado), its finally time to dust off our cars, and get out doing what we love in Colorado’s beautiful Spring, Summer and Fall; driving. To that end, we developed this Summer Event Guide, a bridge issue between issue 3 and our upcoming issue 4, covering some of the larger shows on the docket for 2023, our experience with them, and all of the relevant details in one convenient guide. We do it because we care. Huge thanks to the Guide’s sponsor, Lowry Insurance, for supporting us from the beginning!

So, what are you waiting for? Its car season in Colorado, get out there and enjoy it! –Brendan

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