Story and Photos: Cheryle Derman, Board Member

The Z Car Club Of Colorado, established in 1983 (and celebrating its 40th anniversary next year!) provides a meeting place for all Datsun/Nissan enthusiasts. The club has over 150 members, driving everything from 1964 1600 cc Datsun roadsters to the latest model Nissan 370Zs. The club has something for every type of automotive enthusiast: We have events including auto-crosses where as many as 25 cars can race against their own times. The Club hosts a monthly car show at Empire Lakewood Nissan, our Club sponsor, from April through October, where we see as many as 150 Nissan enthusiasts in attendance to show their cars or spectate. The Club hosts other car shows at different venues, and certain of our shows feature contests and prizes. We also hold one-and two-day drives. Recently, the club took a scenic tour through the Rocky Mountains, starting with lunch at In-N-Out, and ending with dinner the next night at a restaurant at the Riverwalk in Pueblo. We even host social events, including seasonal dinner parties, an annual holiday party, a Crock-Potluck, and an annual barbecue. (If you don’t know how to cook, we even have Zoom cooking classes!) Every year our club has a tent at the Arapahoe Community College Concours d’Elegance and Exotic Car Show with as many as 30 members from our club showing off their cars. In 2021, our club sponsored and hosted ZCON 2021 in Colorado Springs, a convention which celebrates the Nissan/Datsun Z and its community. The club got access to see the big reveal of the New Nissan Z, and enjoyed events such as drifting, track racing, autocross and participated in car shows, netting our Club many trophies.

The Z Car Club of Colorado meets monthly on the first Wednesday of every month. With the difficulties associated with the onset of COVID-19, in April of 2020 we began meeting virtually on Zoom, with upwards of 30 members regularly joining our meetings. The club held Zoom meetings for 18 months, with members in attendance ranging from Pueblo to Fort Collins. We had our first in person meeting in October of 2021 for our General meeting and banquet, but we did not start meeting in person officially until May of 2022 at Gateway Classic Cars of Denver, a facility with over 200 classic cars for sale (on consignment) in their showroom, and sometimes over 35 members in attendance. The club will continue meeting at Gateway through September. In October, we hold our annual banquet, and then in November the club shifts back to virtual meetings on Zoom until May when the weather improves.

Please view our Facebook page, Twitter and website for links to all our upcoming events such as our monthly car show at Empire Lakewood Nissan, mountain drive, annual BBQ, and so much more. Our monthly newsletter, “The Odometer”, is filled with pertinent information for club members and guests and is also available on our website. It features many great pictures and links to articles that are relevant to Z owners. You can even sell a vehicle or car parts! The club maintains a preferred vendor list with over 40 retailers that offer discounts exclusively to our members. There is also a link to join ZCCC, so a Datsun/Nissan enthusiast can easily reap all the benefits available to club members and enjoy the fun events we host and participate in throughout the year. We enjoyed giving you a taste of our club, as much as we hope you enjoyed learning about us. Visit our website to get to know us better and hopefully join us!