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Issue 8

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Issue 7

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Issue 6

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Issue 5

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PPIR Fall Bash: A Grand Success!

Pikes Peak International Raceway's inaugural PPIR Fall Bash exceeded expectations, with motorsports enthusiasts flocking to the tracks and making it a day to remember. Boasting a turnout of well over a thousand tickets sold, the...

P/1015 | An Afternoon With the Car that Nearly Won Lemans ’66

By this point in time, many auto enthusiasts have seen the 2019 Blockbuster, Ford vs. Ferrari. The film depicts the events leading up to FoMoCo campaigning unprecedented racecars on the international stage. The movie was highly focused on the development of the legendary GT-40, a mid-engined monster born out of spite and a desire to beat Enzo Ferrari on their home turf.

Numerous variants were produced between 1964 and 1969, with a total production run of 105 cars. Among them was a Mk1 with the designation of P/1015 – built in 1965 with the intention of winning the 24 Hours of LeMans. A grueling endurance race which ran for an entire day. The chassis was fitted with a Ford 427 producing a healthy 485 horsepower, delivered to the rear wheels through a four speed gearbox.
The light blue and red paint which adorned the #1 car served both aesthetic and practical roles. The red paint which wraps around the headlights is intended to be reflective and distinguishes the car from others in the pack. As this was in the days before transponders, all lap timing was done by hand and it was imperative for the cars to be seen.

ColoRetro 2022

Hot. Noisey. Sunburned. These are certainly some adjectives which that fit the July 31 ColoRETRO show, hosted by Mayhem Racing Charities. The show, held in the parking lot of Douglas County High School in Castle Rock was subject to ambient temperatures of up to 90...

2024 Acura Integra Type S Review and Driving Impressions

Story: Brendan Garst Photography: Chris Colten, Steve ClarkThe car trundled to an uneasy stop at the Robber's Roost turn-off, four-ways lit, and angled back towards Berthoud pass' ribbon of cratered tarmac. Cyclists from the "Ride the Rockies" cycling tour looked on...

Man, Machine, Ice: What Can Go Wrong?

Story: Alex McCulloch Photography: Peter Thompson (Contributed), Alex McCulloch (Contributed), Steve ClarkI’ve you’ve driven Interstate 70 in the winter in the last decade, there are two notable landmarks about halfway between Denver and the Eisenhower Tunnel. The...

Gridlife Alpine Horizon Festival 2022

Over the course of my time as a car enthusiast, I have driven to Pikes Peak International Raceway (PPIR) many times. As you leave Colorado Springs heading south, the terrain effectively goes on loop; a hill, a valley, a hill, a valley. Repeat ad nauseum. I often find...

10 Things to Know Before You Go | Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

In Colorado, we're lucky to have one of the premier international motorsports events in our backyard, just to the West of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo (PPIHC) is an event that can trace...

Hope In Action – Morgan Adam’s Concours D’Elegance 2022

On a warm summer afternoon near the end of August, I found myself wandering onto the apron of Centennial Airport in South Denver. After passing through the abbreviated business passenger terminal and onto the tarmac, I was immediately greeted by a table of champagne...

Jim Whiting’s 2018 BMW M3 Competition

Story and Photography: Jim Whiting It's interesting how a life event can completely change our perspective on things. For Jim Whiting, a mid-life heart attack sent him down the rabbit hole of motorsports, starting with a unique F80 platform BMW M3, and continuing from...

Rejuvenating Southern Colorado’s Iconic Motorsports Park

On a bright spring morning, with a freshly signed contract in hand, I stood at turn 8 staring at an empty racing facility. The pit and paddock were dotted with a diverse array of healthy desert weeds. The buildings, all a colorless, pure white had clearly not seen a...

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